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penandink1's Journal

Pen and Ink
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A community for ambitious new writers
Welcome to penandink1! This community is brand new, so spread the word!

This community is aimed at ambitious new writers. If you answer yes to the following questions, then this community is for you:

-- Do you want to write a novel?
-- Do you have a serious ambition to have your novel published?
-- Are you driven?
-- Do you feel as if now is the time to write the novel, and you are no longer going to put it off?
-- Are you (so far) unpublished?
-- Do you have enough confidence in your own abilities to do everything in your power to make your dreams come true?

I woke up on a wet, dreary morning two weeks ago and asked myself these questions. I answered 'yes' to all of them. I no longer listened to the mile-long list of excuses I had as to why I shouldn't write a novel. If I was going to give it a shot, it had to be now. No more procrastination. I would lock away my unproductive (and crippling) self-doubt, stuff my inner-editor into a box, take a deep breath and go for it.

Two weeks on, and I feel no different. I still want to call myself a published author, and I'm going to work long and hard to achieve that. It's not an impossible dream. It's not unattainable. As long as there's passion and determination, there's hope.

penandink1 will serve a number of purposes. There will be:

-- a daily post listing various resources for new and aspiring authors (this can be anything from general "how to write" articles to nitty-gritty grammar guides)
-- a daily "writing diary" post, where I will document my progress for that day, leaving the comments open for those who wish to do the same
-- a daily (depending on participation) post for questions, where members will email their writing questions and I will post them for other members to answer/discuss
-- opportunities for writers to submit sections of their works-in-progress for other members to review
-- frequent posts for new members to introduce themselves and tell us their writing plan (most recent 'writing plan post' here)

... and lots more!

So if you're an ambitious new writer who is serious about being published, then join us! We very much look forward to your input. :)